Use Model Clause Agreement

Check out the standard contractual clauses of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace and see how you opt for Google Cloud Platform or Google Workspace. In 2010, the European Commission approved standard contractual clauses to meet the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive, which was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. Model contractual clauses can be used between Google and its customers to ensure that personal data leaving the European Economic Area is transferred in accordance with the RGPD. Model clauses should not be changed. Nor should the protection of clauses be changed by separate or additional clauses that alter the effect or scope of the standard clauses. The greatest practical risk would be for a regulator to adopt an injunction to block and prevent further data exports. They also have limited rights to block the transfer of standard clauses. B, for example, if the clauses are not respected or, in some cases, where the legislation of the recipient country implies that the protection provided by the clauses could be violated. The clauses (including Schedules 1 and 2) take effect from the date the data exporter implemented both: (i) a valid agreement on a Google Cloud platform with processing and security conditions (together the « service agreement »); and (ii) clicked to accept these clauses. In this document: (a) « Google Cloud Platform Agreement » refers to an agreement under which the data importer, Google Ireland Limited, Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. or any other agency that directly or indirectly controls, controls the data importer or is under joint control, has agreed to provide the data exporter (whether a customer, reseller or supplier) Google Cloud Platform (as described in the and the technical assistance associated with it; and (b) « data processing and security conditions, » the terms incorporated by reference to the Google Cloud Platform agreement or agreed by other means between the parties to this agreement setting certain conditions relating to the protection and processing of personal data. It is strongly recommended that data flows be carefully reviewed in the event of the use of model clauses prior to the finalization of appendices to a model clause agreement.

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